Curt Mega

Curt had been such an amazing person to me, in so many ways i cant even begin to explain them all. Hes been a great friend to me and has made me smile when i was down in the dumps!

The other day you tweeted me, telling me I’m valuable and that you hoped I remembered that and I don’t think you actually understand how much that means to me, because you’re such an inspiration to me.

And I just wanted to explain that it really did make a difference, my friends all absolutely love you because you managed to fix something they’ve spent a long time trying to pull me out of. I think if my Mom or Dad knew what you said they’d be thankful too.

I also wanted to tell you about a project or whatever you want to call it that I’m starting at school. I get the bus to school so I get there around 5 or 10 minutes early, and after what you said ¬†about the candle project, which I will be participating in, I decided that I wanted to make a difference to people in our school. We seem to live in a society around here, that people need to be popular and thin. And my plan is that each morning, I’m going to stick a post it note on the mirrors in the bathroom with a lovely message.¬†

And like I said, thank you very much for what you said, I hope you’re well.


Ellie (Ellie_Rawson on twitter)

P.S if you could tell me when you get the letter that would be great :)

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